Swimming Pool Checklist for the Site of Construction Development and Proper Elevation

Make sure all the paperwork is done to secure a building permit. This is a very important part of job. Do not start digging without this permit.

Be sure to check the pool builder out with several references. Make sure the contractor complies with all local and state building codes and zoning laws. You can get a copy from your building and permit office.
Study and learn about the health codes for the swimming pool. Check with your municipality for swimming pool requirements and safety considerations of the construction development. These requirements can vary between each city or municipality.
Check all options to the access to site. You probably want to speak to neighbors before you start tearing up the neighborhood. Just by being courteous will probably alleviate some problems when something happens. If you are bordering their property, this could help eliminate problems when you put up there yard.
Pool placement finding that perfect location in your yard. You want to plan convenient access for pool users having a view for safety. While avoiding overhead utilities, and underground obstructions. Chances are you sewer line runs through the middle of your yard. Don’t leave no stone unturned.


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